Monday, October 4, 2010

Our week in pics...

The most amazing week of our lives...
Last preggie pic before heading to the hospital...
Telling baby girl bye and that we would be returning with her baby brother!
The night before being induced
He's HERE!!!
Checking him out :)
So amazed
Daddy's first time changing a diaper
Aunt Mindy gettin' some lovin'
Great Grandma gettin' some lovin'
Not so happy with Uncle Paul??
Getting ready to go HOME!!!
WELCOME HOME DAVIS!!!!Baby Girl meet Baby Brother :)
First bath at home
Aunt Lindsay came to visit
Turner and Cole gettin' some sugar :)
Big Cousin Hunter...Hunter is pretty excited that he is no longer the only boy(child) in the family
Jordan and Payton
Getting ready for his first the pediatrician..HA
Posing with Mommy
Mommy's sweet boys ;)
The results from the Ped visit :(...Davis has to wear this "blanket" until we get more results tomorrow..please pray for good results!!!!


  1. I LOVE the pics!!! And, you look GREAT :) He is such a beautiful baby!! I am praying for good results tomorrow.
    Love yall,

  2. Katie he is absolutely beautiful!! Praying for good results tomorrow - please keep us posted.

    Baby girl is going to be so protective!


  3. Yeah more pictures!Look at that cute fellow getting his tan on!Praying for great results at the doctor this morning. Love ya!
    Aunt Mindy