Sunday, March 27, 2011

Phew! These weekends really need to slow down. They seem to flyyy by!
Thursday night we started our weekend off with a bang. We had Turner and Cole for a few hours. We played and played some more. I took some really cute bath tub pics with all three boys but I have to edit them before putting them on the www :) Let's just say they will be perfect for a senior yearbook lol
Hubster got a new toy this weekend. Since we started dating he has always wanted a a john boat. Well homeboy finally got it. He has been so excited about it all weekend. Watching him getting ready to take it out for the first time was like watching a little boy on Christmas morning. We went out Friday and Saturday afternoon. I know him and D will have tons of memories with this new toy.
I finally finished organizing my coupon binder and was prepared for today :)
We had a horrible storm last night/this morning so we got to catch up on some dvr. Later I headed out for some deals at CVS and RiteAid. Once again I dominated and got stuff like body wash, deodorant for hubs, pledge, toothpaste, and tons more.
Tomorrow a certain little boy goes for his 6 month check up! Hopefully mommy won't get too upset.


  1. That coupon binder is crazy!! Good for yoU!!

  2. He is such a cutie!! I miss him (and you)!!! love ya :)

  3. I am sad that I don't have that many coupons
    Where do you get them all?

    Yay for's crazy b/c Wesley just got a boat, too! Davis, as always, looks sweet enough to eat!

  4. Most of my coupons come from the Sunday paper. I usually get at least 2 sets. I also print a ton online.