Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keep Dreamin'-Part 1

I know that when (if) hubby love reads this post his response will be "keep dreamin"...
Today I want to post about my "dream" house!
I'm the type of girl that just sits and oohs and ahhs over Pottery Barn, Southern Living, etc. I've always said "one day".
So here is the beginning of my "list" of wants for our (or my) dream house....
I grew up in an old historic house. I lived in the same house for 18 years, until I left for college. One of my most favorite things about my parent's house is the tall ceilings and windows.
found here
The kitchen....
Found here
  • I love an open kitchen.
  • I know, I know you're thinking white? with kids? are you smokin' crack?!?! I love the "clean" look. And dark hard love love them! The wall color I think would be gorg as grey, a light teal, green, blue or really anything "fresh" looking.
  • I can just see D running around this island...
THE closet...drum roll please...
Of course every girl's dream is to have a closet like Carrie and Big, BUT, this girl is taking it down a notch b/c even this one will probably be far from what ours will look like..a girl can dream..

Courtesy of Shram Homes
I mean this is like an organizer's dream! Some where for EVERYTHING to go :)
I'll save the rest for a later date!
Hey, a girl can dream, right?!?!

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