Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 months

Holy Smokes where is the time going?!?! You are growing and changing way too fast for this Mama. However, each day is so much fun watching you as you learns new things.We went for your 6 month check up yesterday. You weighed 19.6 lbs (80th percentile) and 26 inches long (50th percentile). You took your shots like a champ and only cried for a minute. Dr. S. told us that we should start thinking about removing the bumpers and lowering the mattress because you seemed to be quite "busy". Also, it looks as if we need to start looking into our next car-seat since you are pretty close to the maximum weight capacity of our much loved Chicco one. Here you are waiting on Dr. S... Can we say HAPPY??
This month...
Foods- You started out this month eating stage one foods for supper. In a week you were already eating THREE TIMES A DAY!!You have a fruit and cereal/oatmeal for breakfast, veg and half a fruit for lunch and fruit and veg for supper. Last week we started stage two foods and you LOVE all of the fruit combos. Last night I gave you blueberry&apples and I could not get it in your mouth fast enough. You are still loving squash and really anything orange. You're not such a big fan of peas or green beans but will eat them with lost of airplane tricks. You tried a few big boy things this month..not to mama's likings. We won't call any names but you have been given icing, ice cream, a lemon, and those are the only things that I am aware of! Once again, not calling any names but Daddy and Duke seem to give/let you take whatever he reaches for. Oops, did I just call names?!? I have given you a couple peas, mashed potatoes and a rutabaga at different times off of my plate mashed up. Who am I kidding I took the rutabaga off of Grandma's plate. (Kuddos for me trying to get you to eat yucky things that I don't eat.) The face you made with the rutabaga = priceless!!
Clothes- You are wearing anything from 6 to 12 months. We have put away some of the 6 month stuff already. As I am sad that you are getting big so quick I am still really excited about all of your summer clothes :)
We will be retiring the swing and bouncy seat any day. You seem to think it's funny to "see" if you can get out of these toys and while you haven't succeeded Daddy is on the verge of a breakdown that it could happen. You get in your walker and Grandma and Duke's but you haven't figured out how to move it. Why would you when you have two big cousin that love to push you everywhere. Your favorite toy right now has four legs and gives unlimited amounts of sugar. You got that right, you absolutely LOVE Roxie.You just squeal and laugh when she comes near. (And, of course she is extremely jealous of all of the attention you get.) You can't see in this picture but you're holding on to her lip...and she just takes it...
You are sitting up some but some days you can be pretty lazy and don't even try (must get that from you Mama) AND you want to crawl SO bad. You get up but go right back down. Maybe the belly is just in the way? However, you have discovered that you can get anywhere by rolling. Yes, rolling, from one side of the room to the other.
You have developed some horrible nighttime sleeping patterns that we are hoping to nip in the bud this week. (If mommy dearest doesn't have a breakdown) Dr. S says you are doing it b/c you know you will get what you want and that is ME to pick you up or a bottle. What happened to my sweet baby that was sleeping all night at less than two months old?!? I'm ready for him to return so these bags under my eyes will go away. (Even though you are really sweet during the night all cuddled up to me) Your napping has shortened some but you still seem to get 3 naps a day-30 mins in the morning, 2 hours after lunch and 30 mins in the evening during the week. On the weekends you just do whatever. If we are busy you don't seem to nap b/c you are so "curious" as to what is going on around you.
You still love bath time/ naked time! You get so excited!
Still, NO TEETH. You are a drooling, chewing machine but haven't managed to get any teeth.
You reach for EVERYTHINGGGG including but not limited to Mommy's hair, dangly earrings, glasses, Roxie's ears, mouth and tail, and much much more. If I walk by you when you're in your bouncy seat you always grab my leg. And of course, I think it's cute.
You are one talkative little fella! I'm pretty sure you love the sound of yourself b/c "talk" non stop.

Even though I would love a whole night's sleep and clothes with no spit-up stains I wouldn't trade them for the world. You have definatly stolen mine and Daddy's hearts and we just feel so honored to have been chosen to be your parents. You make us so happy Davis Samuel!!! Happy half birthday!
One Happy Mama


  1. I love you and that little man!!!!

  2. Love it! Brings back memories from Noah being that age :)